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Hustler Casino Live

StakeKings Week on Hustler Casino Live

Don’t miss a minute! Clear your calendar & make way for HCL history.

Hustler Casino Live, brought to you by High Stakes Poker Productions, announced on Saturday a new historic event ahead: StakeKings Week, October 16-18th – aka “Rampage Week.” In addition to the partnership with the industry-leading poker staking site, StakeKings, we will see the return of two of HCL’s biggest and rising stars along with some very special guests. And, just when you think the news of the incoming week couldn’t get better, we learn that high stakes PLO action also returns this week. 

“Just like sports betting makes watching a football game more interesting on Sundays, StakeKings allows fans to put some money on the players they think are going to win and then watch it all unfold live on HCL from anywhere in the world.

Whether you want to throw down a few dollars or a few thousand – StakeKings adds a lot of excitement for the fans of HCL and we hope to continue doing so for many HCL streams to come!” — StakeKings

Join StakeKings to stake your favorite HCL Players and for your chance to WIN

Create your StakeKings account at StakeKings.com and deposit funds via multiple options. Even if you can’t stake players, join now for your chance to WIN. Click here for HCL’s StakeKings Bonus Cash Giveaway. Winners can stake their favorite HCL players or use the funds to stake any other player on the site. StakeKings account required. No purchase necessary.

StakeKings Founder & CEO, Tyler Hancock, takes to the Hustler Casino Live Stage
I don’t personally have a lot of time to play cash games these days as my main focus is to continue growing the StakeKings brand, so I’m looking forward to playing on the show and hopefully giving the viewers who buy a piece of me a fun/profitable sweat!
Tyler Hancock
The Return of Rampage AND Sashimi!!

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve seen Rampage and Sashimi on Hustler Casino Live. While they’ve been winning away from the HCL felt, the ChatPros will undoubtedly welcome them “home!” Rampage is scheduled to play Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Sashimi is scheduled for Wednesday. Both players have posted their packages on StakeKings.com/Hustler.

Steven Jones to Make HCL Debut

WSOP 2023 Main Event second place finisher, Steven Jones, makes his HCL debut this week. According to his profile on StakeKings, he plans to play more and more on live streams this year. With his cerebral, aggressive playing style and his charismatic personality, Steven will definitely feel right at home on the stage of the worlds biggest poker live stream on Wednesday. Go to StakeKings.com/Hustler today to grab a piece of his action.


Earlier this year, we saw High Stakes PLO Week on Hustler Casino Live along with a couple of PLO games on Fridays. ChatPros and viewers alike will be thrilled to know that the exciting game format will be back this week on Thursday and Friday. Fan favorites Nik Airball, Prince Charles, and the Professor are expected to headline the upcoming two-day event.

For loose players, PLO is more friendly than NLH, especially for a capped game. For NLH, I’ll try to shove with J2o / 56s etc. pre-flop, the equity is pretty poor against the villain’s hand. But for PLO, the AAxx KKxx “premium hands” are not always good after the flop against any four cards. So it feels like I get a chance!

Charles Yu – @yuchao
It all starts TONIGHT!

This historic week of bluffs, binks, and battles starts with Rampage, Mariano and Dentist Dave headlining tonight’s (High Stakes) MaxPain Monday.

More surprises to come!

Follow @HCLPokerShow and @StakeKings on X (formerly Twitter) because there’s no telling what Ryan, Nick, and Tyler have up their sleeves for us this week.

Hustler Casino Live, owned and operated by High Stakes Poker Productions, broadcasts their free live stream on YouTube from Los Angeles, California, Monday through Friday starting at 5 p.m. PST.