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Hustler Casino Live

Super High Stakes Week 3 Kicks Off Tonight

This lineup will bring a whole new meaning to “MaxPain Monday”

We kick off Super High Stakes Week 3 with the kind of action-lineup poker dreams are made of – tonight, on Hustler Casino Live. The table consists of a few rocks, mixed with some gamblers, alongside absolute maniacs, and zero calling stations. Viewers easily could predict we’ll see some players immediately make their presence known while others lay in wait. 

Even though the special format of HCL’s weekly MaxPain Monday games will not be in play tonight, we can anticipate a whole new definition of the term after this game. All this week, players will buy in for a minimum of $100,000 with stakes at $100/200. The game is No-Limit Texas Hold’em. Straddles, rounds of “That Stupid Game” (The Stand Up Game), and friendly rivalries will drive the action. On the mic tonight, podcaster and Hustler Casino Host, DGAF, will get this week’s party started off right. Pre-game shenanigans start at 4:30pm PST in chat; the game starts at 5pm PST – get your popcorn & don’t miss a minute!

Poker pro and vlogger, Mariano, is back in LA after playing some high stakes in Houston last week. There’s no doubt he’s rested after the Thanksgiving holiday and ready to dust off those spurs to headline the very first episode of Super High Stakes Week 3. “Home, Sweet HCL, Home!”

The one and only Martin Kabrhel makes his Hustler Casino Live debut tonight. Across social media and in the pre-game live chat on YouTube, ChatPros are both super excited and somewhat apprehensive about Martin’s arrival to the HCL stage. It’s safe to assume that he’s mindful of the trail of controversy behind him, yet he still soldiers on. As the crown above the stage in the Crystal Room symbolizes, all within its confines will be treated like royalty. When it’s all said and done we can safely assume: we will be entertained!

Entrepreneur extraordinaire, Brandon Steven, hails from Wichita, Kansas, plays poker part-time and doesn’t shy away from the limelight of the Hustler Casino Live stage. Even though tonight will be just his sixth appearance on the show, Brandon has become a high stakes staple amongst the ChatPros and regular viewers alike.

Music Video Producer and recreational high stakes poker player, Pepe, took off like a rocket ship after his HCL debut July of 2022. The typically stoic, concentrated and quiet Pepe has been known to pounce at the right times to completely throw his opponents off. He especially enjoys mimicking certain opponents’ behaviors after he’s won a massive pot against them. 

Next on the lineup is Charles Yu – the self proclaimed “Crypto Nomad and High Stakes Poker Player.” As an HCL high stakes regular, Charles definitely plays up his image while also displaying the ability to adapt to the wide range of opponents he faces on any given show.

No stranger to high stakes poker streams accompanied by quite the reputation of a silent assassin at the tables, Santhosh made his HCL debut during High Stakes PLO Week back in July of this year. As the only player tonight with a known and recent history verses Martin Kabhrel, we will surely be on the lookout for fireworks between the two.

Another instant fan favorite, Professor, made his debut during the HCL High Stakes PLO games earlier this year, too. Immediately known for his one-liners and boisterous celebrations after winning huge hands, you cannot help but be drawn in by his personality. Exhibiting versatility when it comes to poker variations and stakes, this high stakes player still loves a good gamble.

Harry, a “Pumpkin Patch Manager,” made his debut in seat six of the latest Chicago Game – aka “The Night the Graphics Went Down in Gardena.” Since Harry had to leave the show early, there’s very little to go off of regarding his playing style. However, it’s clear that he can hold his own verses spirited opponents.

This will be Bryan’s third appearance on Hustler Casino Live. The businessman from Texas showed us good instincts a few weeks ago when he trapped Andy Stacks, slow played Henry, and even insta-folded pocket Jacks to a single post-flop bet against Mariano’s set of Kings. 

If you’re in the LA area, get to Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino – sister to the Hustler Casino – for today’s meet up game and watch party. 

May the spirit of MaxPain Monday be with us all on tonight’s kickoff to what will be – without a doubt – an incredible and historic week of live stream poker.

Hustler Casino Live, owned and operated by High Stakes Poker Productions, broadcasts their free live stream on YouTube from Los Angeles, California, Monday through Friday starting at 5 p.m. PST.