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Hustler Casino Live

Super High Stakes Week 3 – Day 2 Lineup

Santhosh returns to battle a table of HCL regulars and powerhouses

Tune in tonight at 4pm PST / 8pm EST for the continuation of Super High Stakes Week 3 on Hustler Casino Live. Watch as HCL high stakes regulars and returning special guests take to the stage in the Crystal Room of the Hustler Casino for an epic night of sophisticated mental warfare. All this week, players will buy in for a minimum of $100,000 with stakes at $100/200. The game is No-Limit Texas Hold’em. Straddles, rounds of “That Stupid Game” (The Stand Up Game), and friendly rivalries will drive the action. In the booth, David Tuchman will call the action.

All of the players on tonight’s show have competed against one or another previously. But, this exact mix of characters have not sat at the HCL table before. Any ChatPro worth their watch-time weight in gold knows exactly what’s about to happen.

First up, special guest and poker pro, “Jungleman” Dan Cates, makes his twelfth appearance on the show tonight – almost a regular! Without a doubt, he’ll bring his snazzy style, quippy personality, and optimal game theory along with him. Recently, the poker community has been watching Jungleman’s performance on Poker After Dark’s “Game of Gold,” so it will be great to see him back in his super high stakes comfort zone.

Our second special guest, Santhosh, returns after making an absolute splash on day one of Super High Stakes Week 3. Last night, a combination of incredible run outs and equally incredible instints netted him over $345,000. As the only returning player from day one, he’s warmed up for what’s about to come. However, the rest of the field may have the advantage going in to day two, also, having over six hours of Santhosh’s hand history fresh on their minds.

YouTube vlogger, poker pro, and HCL headliner, Andy Stacks, has also been enjoying the poker-community spotlight as a result of his appearance on “Game of Gold.” Last night, Andy put on his ChatPro hat and joined us in chat while also sharing his excitement of the insane game last night on X. Tonight, we can expect Andy trade in his ChatPro hat for his meta-game mindset – and, maybe, those new sunglasses.

Since he broke on to the Hustler Casino Live scene back in February of 2022, there’s no way to miss the meteoric rise of Nik Airball. Since becoming a poker-household name, Nik has been seen on many other poker streams and events – but, there’s no place like home. Will we see a mellow and hyper-focused Airball? Or, should we expect a spirited and gambling Airball? Either way, it will be amazing to watch him battle for stacks during his first Super High Stakes Week 3 appearance tonight.

Another instant fan favorite, Professor, made his debut during the HCL High Stakes PLO games earlier this year. Immediately known for his one-liners and boisterous celebrations after winning huge hands, you cannot help but be drawn in by his personality. Exhibiting versatility when it comes to poker variations and stakes, this high stakes player still loves a good gamble.

Next up, ChatPro favorite, Francisco “The Pro” Fragoso – Father of Many Chickens – tries his hand again at super high stakes. While we don’t see Francisco at the super high stakes very often, he’s been known to put up at fight for those chips in the middle. It will be very interesting to see his Super High Stakes Week 3 fate play out tonight.

Last, but certinaly not least, “King Henry” Guttman, posted on X earlier today “There will be blood…” Whose blood, exactly? We will all just have to wait and see.

Each week, Tuesdays on HCL are called “Tilted Tuesdays” so the fans, ChatPros, and viewers already expect at least one good rant. Who’s tilting first? Will there be overtime again? How much money will be on the table by the end of the show? Who’s getting felted? All these questions and more will be answered very soon — starting at 4pm PST / 8pm EST — only on Hustler Casino Live.

Hustler Casino Live, owned and operated by High Stakes Poker Productions, broadcasts their free live stream on YouTube from Los Angeles, California, Monday through Friday starting at 5 p.m. PST.