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Hustler Casino Live


Another fantastic night of super high stakes poker action is straight ahead – only on Hustler Casino Live.

In the first three shows of Super High Stakes Week 3, we have seen players contend for massive pots – some of the biggest pots of HCL history – in some of the most outrageous hands we’ve ever seen on the show, too. Last night, in particular, the energy was palpable at the table, in the booth, and in the chat box. There’s no doubt, what we have witnessed has been absolute madness.

Hand after hand, we have seen redemption, revenge, and plenty rage on the river, but there was no time to celebrate, or plot, or give big speeches. Every night this week, the action has been non-stop cerebral clashes. And, tonight, with this lineup in front of us, there’s no way we can expect any less than what we’ve already seen this week — if not more.

It’s the day a lot of viewers have been waiting for. Headlining tonight’s stream, we have Ethan “Rampage” Yau. For the next six-plus hours, the micro-stakes-grinder-turned-high-stakes-superstar will put every skill set he has into overdrive. Again, just like we saw on StakeKings Week on Hustler Casino Live, Rampage has listed on StakeKings – giving the poker community the chance to sweat him over the next couple of days.

Making his return to the HCL stage for more Super High Stakes Week 3 is “Jungleman” Dan Cates. On Tuesday, we saw Junglman’s chip stake take some big hits, but he (and his alter-ego, “Mickey-angelo”) battled through the night and netted nearly $60,000 by the end of the stream. There’s no doubt we will see Jungleman (and maybe Mickey, too) put his opponents to the test tonight.

Nik Airball is back for his third night in a row of Super High Stakes Week 3. So far, he’s about even – up on Tuesday $117,000 and down Wednesday $142,800. We could expect Airball will look to get that number in the green – and exponentially so – in time for the 24-hour stream on Friday.

Returning after his day off from booking his own win on Tuesday, Andy Stacks will, indeed, be ready to navigate his way through the all star lineup tonight. This will be the first time on HCL’s live stream that we’ve seen Andy play against Martin Kabrhel. The typically quiet and reserved Andy will have all of his arsonal at the ready to battle the wits of Kabrhel.

Martin Kabrhel made his presence known on day one of Super High Stakes Week 3. Although practically felted at the top of the show, we saw a proverbial clinic from Martin as he climbed his way back up the Cumulative Winnings graphic all night — booking +$280,900 for the session. ChatPros have been begging for Martin’s return since Monday night. Tonight, our wishes have been granted and we will see Martin return to put even his own poker skills to the test.

The only player to play every day this week, Santhosh started off with an incredible result of +$345,800 on Monday night. On days two and three, however, the cards were not in Santhosh’s favor. Down $473,000 on Tuesday and another $318,200 on Wednesday, Santhosh will definitely have his work cut out for him and with redemption on his mind.

Returning for his third night in a row, ready to keep his winnings and earn even more, Professor will not allow anyone to mistake him as someone to take lightly. Given his performance this week so far, it’s quite possible we will see Professor at the top of the Cumulative Winnings board by the end of the night tonight.

Newcomer, Raymond, makes his fourth HCL appearance tonight. Raymond may be another wildcard tonight, but we have seen him become more and more comforable on the stage in the Crystal Room of the Hustler Casino. Given that and his solid perforances on the show this month, we will definitely have to expect the unexpected from Raymond.

Get your kids to bed early or over to grandma’s house because, tonight, starting at 4pm PST / 8pm EST, we’re watching the madness of super high stakes poker unfold — only on Hustler Casino Live.

Hustler Casino Live, owned and operated by High Stakes Poker Productions, broadcasts their free live stream on YouTube from Los Angeles, California, Monday through Friday starting at 5 p.m. PST.