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Hustler Casino Live

MaxPain Monday Meet Up Game & Watch Party Is The Place To Be

Call your poker friends and get to the Hustler Casino!

 It’s a big party where players, staff, and fans all share buckets of beers and laughs. — @DGAFPokerPlayer

It’s time again for the monthly MaxPain Monday Meet Up Game & Watch Party at the Hustler Casino. Hosted by Hustler Casino Live players and staff, the party starts at 3pm on Monday, January 8th, upstairs at the Larry Flynt’s Bar & Grill. Book your spot to play on Poker Atlas now because the seven tables are well known to fill up fast.

Everyone who plays from 5pm to 10pm will receive a raffle ticket for cash giveaways. After the show, you’ll meet the players from the stream you just watched with your HCL Family. Plus, RaverPoker will get the post-stream party started from the DJ booth. 

If you’re in the area, come to Hustler! The MaxPain Meet Ups are a late night party. I’m going to be DJing, people will be drinking and punting and having fun until the wee hours of the morning! — @RaverPoker

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MAX PAIN MONDAY!! Nate Hill, DGAF, Randy, Drew, Mia – Commentary by RaverPoker
Expect tons of action and maximum pain on the show – live at 5pm PST / 8pm EST on Monday, January 8th, 2023

MaxPain Monday creator and game host, DGAF, is back this week and ready to battle. DGAF regularly commentates on HCL and hosts games throughout the week at Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino. Be sure to check out his podcast – Sessions – documenting his life and poker journeys.

Nick Vertucci – co-owner of High Stakes Poker Productions and Executive Producer of Hustler Casino Live – over the last few months, Nick has been playing more and more games in addition to his regular appearances on Tilted Tuesday. It will be great to see the bossman hang out and have fun alongside fellow recreational players. Even though he sticks to his A-B-C style most days, on Monday for Nick Vertucci, it’s A-B-C-Max-Pain.

Content creator and pro fortnight player for FaZe Clan, Nate Hill, has become a regular fixture on MaxPain Mondays. Nate has admitted that he’s trying to keep his tilt in check as a result of bad beats recently. There’s no doubt that Nate has been putting in the work to become a formidable, cerebral player. Will he stick to his guns or will we see him mix up his gameplay?

Randy Pitchford, co-founder of Gearbox Software and former professional magician, makes his ninth appearance on the show and looks forward to flopping those beautiful straights again. Inquiring ChatPro minds want to know: will we be blinded by the beauty of another snazzy shirt??

Nikos makes another MaxPain Monday appearance this week on Hustler Casino Live. Whether it’s on High Stakes Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, or MaxPain Monday, Nikos’ first objective is to have a blast. We’ll definitely see him in a lot of hands since because, historically, he has an average of 50-60% VPIP on Mondays.

Mia Meatball made her Hustler Casino Live debut last week on Thirsty Thursday. Quite often we seen new players take a few episodes to shake off the jitters before they really start diving into tricky spots and big pots. Not Mia Meatball! Battling powerhouses like DGAF, DK, and Shrimp, Mia definitely held her own last week and will undoubtedly do the same on MaxPain Monday tomorrow.

LA poker scene regular and this week’s sole show rookie, Andy “Shooter” hails from the music industry. Will he trend with Shrimp, Cole, and Mia Meatball – the most recent rookies who have immediately made their pressence known – or will he find himself needing a few episodes to settle into the HCL spotlight?

On the mic this week, RaverPoker will call the action and will interact with the ChatPros. In addition to commentating each week, Raver is the Head of HCL’s Video Production team and a very talented musician and DJ. The awesome music you hear on every HCL live stream was composed by the one-and-only RaverPoker. All the ChatPros want to know: when can we get our hands on that album?

Do you live in the Los Angeles area but you’re not able to make it to the MaxPain Monday Meet Up Game? No problem! Join DGAF and Friends Monday through Saturday at Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino for your chance to win the $100,000 Jackpot!

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