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Hustler Casino Live

Entertainment & Social Media Icons Try Their Luck on MaxPain Monday

One of the most insane lineups ever on a poker show!! — Ryan Feldman, @HCLPokerShow

Since its inception, the primary mission for High Stakes Poker Productions’ co-owners Nick Vertucci and Ryan Feldman has been to grow the game of poker by producing their free livestreamed cash game, Hustler Casino Live, five nights a week. In addition to inspiring new players to learn the game and existing players to improve their skills, Hustler Casino Live has put “pokertainment” on the map.

In just over two years, HCL has amassed over 300,000 subsribers on YouTube plus more than 100k followers across social media platforms. From their biggest livestream events like The Creator Game and The Million Dollar Game to the fan-favorite regulars, viewers from all around the world tune in every weeknight to see what’s next from HCL.

In the spirit of meteoric rises on the Internet, it’s only fitting that Hustler Casino Live hosts this incredible collection of Entertainment and Social Media Icons tonight on another historic MaxPain Monday.

Ray J, FaZe Banks, Princess Love, Bryce Hall, Tana Mongeau, Erika Cal, & DGAF Play MAX PAIN MONDAY!

Tonight’s Lineup

Players making their HCL Debut

Ray J
American R&B Singer, Actor, Reality TV Star, and Entrepreneur
Check out Ray J’s Billboard Chart History here.

Princess Love Norwood

American Reality TV Star, Entrepreneur, Poker Player

While Princess Love has been focusing on tournament poker since her debut to the felt last year, there’s no doubt she will be a force at the table tonight.

Check out Princess Love’s cosmetic line here.

Tana Mongeau

American Internet Personality, Musician, and Model

Check out Tana’s highly-rated podcast: Cancelled with Tana Mongeau.

FaZe Banks

Richard “Banks” Bengston, COO FaZe Clan

Over 10.7 million followers across YouTube, X, IG, and Twitch

Players Returning to the HCL Felt


Social Media Superstar, Bare-Knuckle Boxing Champion, Philanthropist

Check out highlights from one of Bryce’s previous appearances on HCL here.

Erika “airikacal” Calabrese

Erika “AirickaCal” Calabrese @airikacal made a splash showing off her new-found poker skills during her first appearance on HCL last October. As an Instagram and OnlyFans celebrity, Erika has accumulated an audience of well over one million followers in just under a year. Given her very smart poker skills and new star rising in the social media world, Erika will be tonight’s “One to Watch.”

HCL & MaxPain Monday Regulars

Randy Pitchford

Co-founder of Gearbox Software and former professional magician, Randy makes his tenth appearance on the show tonight – officially an HCL Regular! Randy’s known for his brilliant button-down shirts and always looks forward to flopping those beautiful straights. Inquiring ChatPro minds want to know: who will he ask tonight, “Wanna do the Goose?” – his signature coin flip to call or fold when he’s making a big decision against a huge bet.

Crazy Drew

Each week, we see a brand new bright “lucky jacket” on Crazy Drew – and sometimes we’ll see him change his jacket when he needs his luck at the table to change. The professional auctioneer and recreational poker player may not play a 50%+ VPIP by the end of the night, but he certainly enjoys getting in there and plays an exploitative style against his opponents.


Wrapping up tonight’s lineup is the one and only Maxpain Monday creator and game host, DGAF. In addition to regularly commentating on HCL, DGAF hosts games throughout the week at Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino. Be sure to check out his podcast – Sessions – documenting his life and poker journeys.

Commentary by RaverPoker

On the mic this week, RaverPoker will call the action and will interact with the ChatPros. In addition to commentating each week, Raver is the Head of HCL’s Video Production team and a very talented musician and DJ. The awesome music you hear on every HCL live stream was composed by the one-and-only RaverPoker. All the ChatPros want to know: when can we get our hands on that album?

Hustler Casino Live, owned and operated by High Stakes Poker Productions, broadcasts their free live stream on YouTube from Los Angeles, California, Monday through Friday starting at 5 p.m. PST.