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Hustler Casino Live

Players Confirmed for the 2024 Million Dollar Game

More players to join the list!

The poker world has been a-buzz since the very first Million Dollar Game last year on Hustler Casino Live. The three-day event featured a collection of 19 players who took to the stage in the Crystal Room of the Hustler Casino for the biggest buy-in event to be live streamed from U.S. soil.

Every day ever since, hands from that event have been scrutinized and players have been lauded via content creators, poker media, and even by the players themselves. The original four shows – averaging 11-hours each – have since accumulated over 3.3 million views. Additionally, the highlight videos on HCL’s YouTube channels have tallied well-over 10 million views. Plus! On top of all that, two hands from the very first Million Dollar Game were nominated at the 2023 Global Poker Awards.

2023 Million Dollar Game Hands Nominated for the 2023 Global Poker Awards’ Fan Choice: Best Hand Category

As soon as the event was completed, we’ve all been waiting for the next one. A couple of months ago, Hustler Casino Live announced that the next Million Dollar Game has been scheduled for 2024 – May 28-31. Everyone immediately wanted to know: who’s playing?

Last week, Hustler Casino Live announced on X that six of the biggest names in the poker world have booked their spot to play the next Million Dollar Game. HCL News has also confirmed that several more big-name players have committed to taking to the felt for the upcoming iconic event. Who are they and who else will be joining them?

HCL Announces on X: Players Confirming Their Spot in the 2024 Million Dollar Game

Making their Million Dollar Game Event debut on HCL are Santhosh Suvarna and “Jungleman” Dan Cates. These two are no strangers to the super-high-stakes streets – playing in some of the biggest livestreamed high-stakes cash games on HCL along with Triton and PokerGO.
Late last year, when Santhosh played HCL’s Super High Stakes Week 3 (SHSW3), he was truly a ChatPro favorite, but the cards did not favor him. We can expect Santhosh will return to the HCL stage with his signature joyful personality and top-notch sportsmanship. We can also anticipate Santhosh will bring with him a sense of retribution after his nearly $1.5-million downswing during SHSW3. Click here to watch some of his biggest moments during the week-long event.
Jungleman also played that week and proved to have nerves of steel. We saw Jungleman experience one of the biggest coolers during the Super High Stakes Week 3. Known for being a consummate gentleman, a born entertainer, and a top-notch professional poker player, “Jungleman” Dan Cates will shine no matter how the cards fall in May.

Players who have confirmed they will play the second Million Dollar Game Event on Hustler Casino Live are Alan Keating, Nik Airball, Rampage, Charles Yu, Tony G, Tom Dwan, Doug Polk, Brandon Steven, and Handz. That’s nearly half of the roster from last year! Booked!

Brandon Steven

Santhosh Suvarna

2023 Million Dollar Game Highlights

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