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Hustler Casino Live

HCL News Exclusive Interview with Ryan Feldman

BRRRRREAKING NEWS!!! — X2!!! Listen now!!

HCL News caught up with co-owner of High Stakes Poker Productions and producer of Hustler Casino Live, Ryan Feldman, today while he was on his way to the casino. It’s been an exciting first few months of 2024 on HCL. Ryan happily shared some of his favorite hands, told us about some upcoming events – like The Million Dollar Game coming up May 28th through the 31st.

Audio transcript

DC: Hey ChatPros! This is Dana Craven with HCL News and I’ve got Ryan Feldman on the horn with us right now. Hey Ryan!

RF: Hey – how’s it goin’, Dana?

DC: Oh, it’s goin’ good! I’m super excited to talk with ya. Thanks so much for takin’ the time.

RF: No problem! Let’s do it.

DC: All right! So, we’re already three-and-a-half months into 2024. I just wanted to get your take on your favorite hands so far and any other BIG moments you’ve seen on the show so far.

RF: Yea, I think we’ve had some (big hands) this year. And I think we’re gonna have all of the best moments of the year coming up in The Million Dollar Game – which I’m sure we’ll talk about afterwards – so, I’m sure all of the biggest pots are gonna happen at the end of May. But we’ve definitely had some amazing ones so far this year.
The first one that comes to mind is – in January when I played on the show with Texas Mike – there was a lot of epic hands in that show. But, one painful one was one that I was involved in where he straddled 13k and I had King-Jack, suited. And he showed me a card – it was a Ten – so I called the all-in for a pot of around $400,000. And he hit a ten on the river to win. So that was a very painful hand for me, but a very entertaining hand to watch – and it was the biggest pot early in the year.
After that, the next one that comes to mind was the big Rampage (v) Nik Airball hand. Rampage talked a lot about how he was on a downswing and needed a win. And then he comes in on a big Friday game one week and picks up Kings verse Nik Airball’s Ace-King. They get all in for a pot over $400,000. So that one was huge – it’s always good for the show, fun for the fans, when Rampage plays big pots.
Another one that I thought was really interesting was on a Tuesday – when Mike Matusow was in town. And he set-over-set Luda Chris – and Luda Chris was actually able to make the fold on the turn – which is so hard to do with set-over-set on a fairly dry board. He somehow knew Mike Matusow well enough to make that fold. Which is just, like, an incredible fold because everyone talks about Luda Chris and how crazy he is and “action” and, you know, he plays a lot of hands – and this and that. But to also make a sick fold once in a while is pretty cool. So that hand definitely comes to mind.
So those are probably the three hands that were the sickest so far this year.

DC: Oh, man! That first one, definitely “Max Pain” for you!

RF: Yeah, for sure.

DC: Well, let’s talk about all of the awesome players we’ve seen so far come up this year. Players and special guests… The first of the year, we had RayJ and Princess. Tell us about that episode.

RF: That was a cool one. Anytime you get people on the show who, you know, aren’t known for poker primarily, right? Like if someone like RayJ – who was a big deal in music many years ago and still is just a legend in the music industry and now in the reality TV industry – and for him to come play on our show is really cool. That’s one of my favorite things about producing the show is being able to cross over into different industries and bring those people into poker – which is just great for poker in general.

Actually, we didn’t announce it yet – we’re about to – we’re gonna have a special show next Wednesday: PRINCESS LOVE AND FRIENDS. Even though Princess Love and RayJ recently announced they’re getting divorced, they’re still friends and he’s gonna be playing on the show with her next Wednesday.

DC: You are kidding me!!

RF: Yep

DC: Ok! I appreciate that exclusive! That’s exciting! I love both of them on that episode. I did think he was an absolute gentleman. He was like, “I’m just gonna step aside and let Princess shine…” And she sure did. She’s breaking out in the poker world in a big way – and fast! So I can’t wait! Oh my goodness!

Also on the rise on the show, we’ve got Action Dan, Texas Mike, Shrimp! Sashimi and Linglin are back. We definitely have that dichotomy – that rivalry – between Linglin and Luda Chris. Those embers are still burnin’.

Dylan Flashner – he’s definitely been studying; he’s been puttin’ in the work.

RF: Yea, absolutely. All great names we have on the show, for sure. Action Dan becoming a star. He’s a guy that people can watch – he’s a mixture of action and really good poker – he’s very talented. He makes good folds, he makes good bluffs, he makes good calls – he’s just all over the place. If you want to be a Super Pro but also be able to play in the best games, you want to be like Action Dan. You want to be good enough – as good as him – where you can make all the right plays, but, also, as gutsy enough where you can be action and swing hard and be fun for players to play with. I think he’s great to watch and I think he’s an up-and-coming super star on our show.

DC: Absolutely. And, Texas Mike really made some waves last week with his big swings on Friday – that was insane.

RF: Yea – Texas Mike is awesome. He is crazy action – he’s in that same tier as Alan Keating where he just loves to play every hand, he swings hard, and he puts a lot of money in the pot but knows how to play poker well – if he wants to – and has the skill and the talent but sometimes just wants to gamble.

Actually, Texas Mike will be in The Million Dollar Game on Day One.

DC: You’re kiddin’ me!

RF: Yea – so you’ll be able to see him play with Alan Keating on Day One of The Million Dollar Game.

DC: Oh my goodness! Those two play quite similarly and they’ll be fightin’ for the highest VPIP, don’t ya think?

RF: Yea, yea – Day One of The Million Dollar Game: we’ll announce the full lineup soon but that’s gonna be the craziest lineup ever.

DC: WOW! You got any more exclusives for me, Ryan?!

RF: (Chuckles) We’ll see as we go.

DC: Awesome! Well, a little birdie told me that we might have another Bounty Game soon – I know that went very well. The ChatPros were absolutely nutso about that.

RF: Yea! Actually, it went very well and it was good viewership – and a lot of action. So, yea, we’ve been talking about the next one. I think we might do one in a few weeks – so I’m definitely excited about that.

DC: Awesome! We’re recording this on April 16th – tonight is Tilted Tuesday! To wrap up, just tell us about who we’ve got on the line-up!

RF: Tonight is another good Tuesday line-up. We’ve got Luda Chris, we got JBoogs, Linglin, Mike X, Dr. H is back, Nick Vertucci, of course, Francisco, Will from New York – liquor-store-owner Will; Will the Winner, I like to call him… and then Big John, of course – every Tuesday, perfect attendance. It’s gonna be another fun episode; should be a lot of action. Tuesdays’ the favorite show of the week for a lot of people.

DC: Awesome! Thank you so much, Ryan, and I’ll be seein’ y’all in Chat! Have a great night!

RF: All right, thanks, Dana. Appreciate it!

DC: Likewise! Thanks!

Hustler Casino Live, owned and operated by High Stakes Poker Productions, broadcasts their free live stream on YouTube from Los Angeles, California, Monday through Friday starting at 5 p.m. PST.