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Hustler Casino Live

The Million Dollar Game – Day One Recap

Poker Industry Icons and Deep-Pocketed Recreational Players Battle for Millions on Hustler Casino Live

The highly anticipated Hustler Casino Live Million Dollar Game event kicked off last night in classic High Stakes Poker Productions form. Over 48,000 tuned in for the twelve-hour deep stack cash game live stream. From new viewers to ChatPro regulars, the chat box lit up long before the action even began – sharing excitement and predictions for the upcoming show.

Each player of the first night of the Million Dollar Game bought in for a cool $1-million dollars. That’s right – before the cards were even in the air, $8-million dollars in chips (including the new $25,000 “Kobe’s”) had been divvied up. After a few pre-game interviews with Veronica Brill and Joe Ingram, players took to their battle stations while, from the booth, David Tuchman and the legendary Norman Chad introduced the players to the viewers.

The illustrious poker-boom-era players, Tony G., JRB, and Alan Keating, were seated amongst titans of their own industries – recreational players Charles, Ben Lee, Stanley Tang, Brandon Steven, and Rob Yong. With blinds at $500/$1,000, a $2,000 big blind ante ($500/$1k + $2k BB Ante) along with regular straddles from Keating and others, we quickly saw plenty of meta games take place in order for players to scoop some of the biggest pots in Hustler Casino Live history. 

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PlayerCumulative Winnings
Ben Lee$315,000
Brandon Steven$263,000
Stanley Tang$111,000
Tony G-$93,000
Rob Yong -$311,000
Alan Keating-$679,000

Tonight, viewers will surely not be disappointed when a few of Day One players are joined by Nik Airball, Aussie Matt, and Huss.