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Hustler Casino Live


Ryan Feldman Interviews Nik Airball After He Finally Books a Win on Wednesday Night’s High Stakes Show

A beaming Nik Airball joins Ryan Feldman for a post-game interview yesterday. Click here to check out the full vid on X.

RF: Nik Airball! The BIG winner tonight. How’s it feel to be back on top?

NA: The King is back, baby! Big winner! That’s right!

RF: It’s been a while since you’ve won as much as you did tonight. About 50K. What does that mean to you in the grand scheme of things? 

NA: I mean, it means everything right now. This is like the biggest one I’ve had in months, so I feel like I’m on top of the world.The king is back. Everyone needs to watch out this Friday. I’m taking everyone’s chips. I’m back!

RF: What do you attribute your win to tonight? 

NA: You know, I think it’s just my hard work, my perseverance, my belief in myself, and, you know, never giving up. 

RF: Does this mean you’re officially the king of LA again? 

NA: No more withered artist. (pats his stomach) Fully fed artist!

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