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Hustler Casino Live

When Mis-Clicks Happen

Every Poker Player’s Nightmare Suffered by HCL Beloved Regulars

We’ve all been there — but only a few players have experienced this anomaly on an international poker live stream: the dreaded mis-click. In the last couple of weeks on Thirsty Thursday and MaxPain Monday, the mis-clicks we saw certainly had the poker community buzzing with the ever so results-oriented “what would you do” conversations.

“Doh” Moment for Mariano

We saw on Thirsty Thursday this week what happens when you give your opponent credit for having a better hand after they call your semi-bluff bomb bet on the river. Rather than showing his hand when Suited Superman called, Mariano said, “I’m bluffing; I don’t have anything…” and threw his hand into the muck. But, it quickly dawned on Mariano that they both had the same hand and he scrambled to save his hole cards before they were mixed into the pile.

Rules vary place to place when determining what to do in this situation. Ultimately, in a home game environment as shown on Hustler Casino Live, it’s up to the players in the hand. Mariano put the decision on Suited Superman who then resolved to go ahead and split the pot. Click here to see the entire hand unfold.

DK Folds the Best Hand On The River

The doom zoom operator held no empathy for DK in this next hand where we saw him fold the winner at showdown. The entire hand, it seemed like DK’s brain had turned into a built-in solver. He even put Safia on her exact hand before calling her all-in on the turn with only 20% equity and one card to go.

Incredibly, DK hit one of the outs needed to win. The graphics even showed that DK had won the hand. But, in that moment, DK folded rather than flipping his hole cards over. Raver and the ChatPros, alike, were all mystified when the graphics were updated. Despite the fact that DK got there on the river, he folded the best hand when he saw Safia’s kings. It took a few seconds, but he realized what had just happened and told the table, “I think I folded a straight…”

The table busted out in laughter and a few needles, but then they started talking about what to do next. After some discussion and confirming with Tawny that DK had a five, the true class act that is Safia gave DK the river bet back. Click here to see the hand and to check out what happened next.

San Man’s Self-Inflicted MaxPain

The most relatable and most painful mis-click we saw recently on Hustler Casino Live had to be when San Man misread his hand verses Dr. H. Both players had been putting in the work against one another – and all the other players – that Thirsty Thursday night. Even just twenty minutes before the mis-click heard ’round the world, the two went toe-to-toe in an all-in pre-flop situation. Dr. H. ended up scooping – winning both run-outs and, ultimately, felting San Man.

When it came time for these two to battle again, it’s quite possible that San Man had retribution top-of-mind. Every check-call didn’t make sense, as commentator David Tuchman pointed out to the viewers. Before the ChatPros knew it, Dr. H. raised his opponent all in on the river. San Man insta-called , turned his cards over immediately, and lets out a relieved “Yes!” – thinking he had won.

In that same split second, he realized he had, in fact, not won the hand. Startled and obviously gut-punched, San Man exclaims with his head in his hand, “Oh my God! I don’t have a five!” As Nick Vertucci picked his jaw up off the floor, the flow of “WTF’s,” “OMG’s,” “LMAO’s” and other needles poured into to chat as Tuck realized, also, what had just happened. Simply, San Man mis-read his hand. Click here to see the full hand..

Try to Avoid Making These Mistakes But Know: Mis-Clicks Happen

Remember, it’s always best to take an extra few seconds to validate what you think you have in a poker hand rather than move too quickly. If you do ever see yourself experiencing the dreaded mis-click, at either your local live game, online, or in front of millions of viewers on Hustler Casino Live, just know that every poker player has been there. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and wear that new badge of honor proudly.


  • September 14, 2023
    Steve from Chicago

    Classy move by Suited Superman but kind of expected since he’s a pro and has been on HCL many times and cards were retrievable. Very classy by Safiya because DK’s cards were mucked, she didn’t have to do that but gave him rebate anyway. SanMan’s was the most expensive mistake and Dr H gave him a nice rebate through DGAF the next time he played. I get why he didn’t do it live, if he doesn’t know SanMan it could have been an angle because unlike the others, that hand was a loser. SanMan come back, time heals all wounds and the chat misses you!

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