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September 2023

An action-packed night of poker leaves everyone asking "What the hell is going on?!" From the moment the cards were in the air to the very last hand of last night's stream, ChatPros saw quite possibly the best show to ever take place on a Tilted Tuesday. The Ante Game format always drives pre-flop action and, on top of that, That Stupid Game occasionally in play also generates huge battles for pots every week. Last night, though, the mix of players

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Every Poker Player's Nightmare Suffered by HCL Beloved Regulars We've all been there -- but only a few players have experienced this anomaly on an international poker live stream: the dreaded mis-click. In the last couple of weeks on Thirsty Thursday and MaxPain Monday, the mis-clicks we saw certainly had the poker community buzzing with the ever so results-oriented "what would you do" conversations. "Doh" Moment for Mariano We saw on Thirsty Thursday this week what happens when you give your opponent